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Since 1998

Our Story


Humble Beginnings

Bay Travel & Cruise’s journey began in 1998 and since then we’ve grown from strength to strength, building a reputable brand known for top-notch travel experiences. Our history is marked by significant milestones, achievements and collaborations.

Our history reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation and meaningful connections. With Verve Travel Management as our esteemed partner we continue to evolve staying true to our values while embracing new opportunities. Together we look forward to welcoming you on many more incredible journeys.

Meet Your

Travel Experts

Your journey with Bay Travel & Cruise begins with our dedicated team of travel experts. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to personalised service they are your guides to unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s a leisure getaway or a corporate trip, trust our experts to craft the perfect travel adventure for you. Connect with us today and embark on a journey tailored just for you.

Kathryn Sari
Kurt Sari
Verve Travel & Leisure
Gary Seignor
Maria Vasili
Senior Leisure Travel Consultant
Rita Garrad
Senior International Consultant
Olga Bardis
Leisure Travel
Annette Ready
Leisure Travel
Sue Vaux
Sharni Thornton
Leisure Travel
Leisure Travel
Leisure Travel

Our Values

Client-Centric: Your dreams and needs guide our work. We tailor our services to provide unique experiences that resonate with you.

Quality: From choosing top-notch hotels to crafting perfect itineraries, quality permeates every aspect of our work.

Integrity: We believe in transparency, honesty and a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients.

Innovation: By embracing the latest technologies and travel trends we continually innovate to offer fresh and exciting travel experiences.

Community: We value our relationships with our clients, our local bayside community, partners like Verve Travel Management and the global community. Together we create a positive impact on the world of travel.

Our Partners

At Bay Travel & Cruise, partnerships are at the heart of our success.

We work closely with a select group of partners and suppliers who share our commitment to excellence, personalised service, sustainability and innovation in travel. A notable partner in our journey is Verve Travel Management, a Melbourne-based specialist in corporate travel.

Together, we’ve expanded our horizons offering enriched services and support for both leisure and corporate clients. Our partnerships ensure that no matter where you’re headed, Bay Travel & Cruise has the resources and expertise to make your journey extraordinary.


Our History

Bay Travel & Cruise is Founded

Carol Evans initiates the opening of Bay Travel & Cruise in a very humble office in Mentone (take your brollie to go to the outside bathroom!) when tickets were issued on a special printer in the office, with a big safe to lock away all the airline plates each night. Carol and Maria attract a devoted clientbase very quickly, as they are dedicated to offering a reliable, trusted and professional service.


Great Success

Bay Travel now has a strong, fashionable travel business and an expanded professional consulting team. Bay Travel moves to larger premises in Mentone and are winning industry awards each year for their exceptional service to their clients.


On The Move

The Bay Travel team moves to 338 Balcombe Road Beaumaris to continue servicing and nurturing their clients.  Bay Travel survives all the global challenges and continues to be recognised as an industry leader.


New Owners

Carol and Maria start to work with Kurt and Kathryn Sari, Verve Travel and Leisure owners, to allow Carol to transition to her retirement.  This is a perfect match as our values are intertwined – respect, kindness, humour and passion are key and common. Verve Travel and Leisure are the new owners.

February 2023

Carol retires and Gary joins the team!

Bay Travel farewells Carol Evans, an amazing travel industry faithful. Carol and Alan embark on a series of well-deserved overseas trips to mark Carol’s retirement. Gary Seignior, owner of Hampton Travel and Cruise, merges his business and commences as the Travel Agency Manager for Bay Travel & Cruise.

April 2023